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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Just thought I’d pass along my LinkedIn profile to you all here. Please feel free to add me!

Goal: Build my network and achieve a minimum of 100 contacts by the end of June. At the time of writing this, I have 41 contacts, but that’s soon to increase hopefully because I requested to add a ton of colleagues I met at Champ Camp.

If you’re a client that commonly uses LinkedIn, good for you. I really feel you should try to make this part of your recruitment strategy when fit. It isn’t geared for everyone, such as those trying to recruit blue collar positions, and yes, in healthcare on the clinical side it isn’t going to be as effective (but the LinkedIn folks tell me they’re working on that.)

However, LinkedIn has some great products that could potentially work well for you (clients.) I commonly refer to the Yahoo! user study from September 2007 in which it surveyed its registered users about what type of candidate they were, either active, passive, non-seeker, or recent job switchers. The results reported 17% active, 48% passive, 26% non-seekers, and 9% recent job switchers.

If you’re allocating 100% (or close to) of your budget to targeting that 17%, you’re missing the bus.

Products such as LinkedIn are designed to reach that additional 48% you’re not touching. Same goes with radio, outdoor, ROP print, network advertising, etc. – basically any form of “mainstream” media.

I’d love to have discussions with you about LinkedIn and social networking in general, so let’s get to work!


Just got back from HODES Champ Camp in Chicago. For those who aren’t coworkers of mine, Champ Camp is a three-day seminar run by HODES leadership and SMEs where various HODES employees from each office in the U.S. and Canada are invited to participate in activities designed to engage us in thinking critically about how we can better serve our clients with respect to just about all of our practice areas and in turn share this with our coworkers at each branch.

It was a tremendously productive three days packed with nonstop idea sharing and reinforcement of why our products and services are second to none. At the end, we were asked to define what each individual took away from the event and in turn debrief with our coworkers when we return to the branch. A few key messages that resonated with me:

1. HODES employs a lot of really smart people that are widely considered the foremost authorities in their fields (subject matter experts) and it is pretty incredible to have these people at my disposal.
2. We get so caught up in servicing requests, and are so quick to offer potential solutions, but determining/assessing client goals and figuring out how we’re going to measure success BEFORE we strategize are paramount, and I vow to become more actively data-driven with my clients. It’s the “start with the end in mind” philosophy.
3. I am a terrible bowler.

So clients: You’ve been warned. I’m going to be asking for a lot more information out of you, and I look forward to seeing how we can elevate our level of service to you as a result.

Well hello clients, partners, colleagues and friends to the kickoff of my first attempt at a professional blog!

In the past I’ve blogged from time to time on MySpace, I think it’s fun to express my thoughts on specific issues and significant experiences I’ve had but for the most part it’s been with the intent to entertain. I’m also a huge fan of reading blogs and commenting on them, again, the ones I tend to read are of entertainment value, such as Bob Condotta’s Husky football/basketball blogs on the Seatttle Times website, and of course my Sister’s Mariners blog on the KOMO Radio site.

So I thought it’d be fun to take this to more of a professional focus – I know there are people in the HR / staffing / technology arenas that do this quite commonly and my goal here is attempt to update this as frequently as possible, hopefully daily. As with any blog, the ultimate goal here is to share thoughts, ideas, success stories, challenges, what’s cool and new, what’s not so cool and getting old, and especially to engage my clients and colleagues to really start the chatter about what we do.

This has been long overdue and I’m really excited to get going.