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Monthly Archives: May 2008

…A tool for ad agency folks that could provide realtime, automated applicant tracking metrics from all the ATS vendors their clients use in one condensed web-based dashboard? I think it’d be really useful.

As I mentioned in a previous entry, Champ Camp really hammered home the importance of measurement and determining what key metrics are important to our clients. The problem is, if my clients don’t use Hodes IQ, that information isn’t readily available to me – I have to request it from my clients. So the solution is to either to get all my clients on Hodes IQ, or continue to bug my clients for the data.

It’d be pretty sweet to be able to tout a product like this in a new business pitch too – as a concrete example of how we as an agency proactively assess and adjust our strategies based on that data we’re constantly monitoring.

I don’t know…just thinking out loud.



Clients? What do you think? Have you ever looked for comments/blogging/video about your company from current or former employees on social networking sites, YouTube, etc.? What an incredible tool this would be for a recruiter to direct candidates to.

I know, it’s the cool new thing, isn’t it. Well not so new for some people like my Sister Erin who has made it her lifestyle since the age of eight to be environmentally conscious. Smart people like her figured it out in the 80s. Dumb people like me are just now starting to get it. But for me, it took the birth of the love of my life, my adorable one-year-old nephew Dillon to really see the light. It scares the crap out me to think of what this world could be like when he’s my age.

Being in the Pacific Northwest I think some of us tend to take trees for granted, but if you’ve ever traveled to the southwest or other geographies void of them, there’s not a more welcoming sign than when you fly home to all that green below…

Some of you may have noticed the icon at the bottom of my email signature “Is it necessary to print this email?” I first saw this icon on my colleague Dina Medeiros’ signature and immediately thought it was such a great idea for her to promote that message. (Dina’s my new best friend after meeting her at Champ Camp, by the way. She is the brains behind all the great relationships HODES has with the job boards, social networking sites, etc., and a really nice person to boot.) Getting back to the email message, it has caught on like wildfire at HODES, and more and more of my colleagues are adding it to their signatures and hopefully practicing this themselves, I know I am. I’ve gotten into the mode of staying digital when at all possible.

I’m curious to know what programs companies are creating internally to really promote being environmentally sound, such as offering incentives to their employees to use rideshares and mass transit, using organic foods in their cafeterias, reducing paper consumption and actually attaching a dollar savings total to it, etc.

It’s a hot topic around corporate America these days, and if committed to properly and thoroughly, your company could benefit from all the positive PR when word gets around, maybe land your company on one of these lists.

Here’s an idea, clients: What if you created a program where the goal was to save a specific annual dollar total on paper, printing supplies, etc., or reducing the number of cars your employees take to work, and if/when that goal was achieved, you used that money saved (and perhaps additional funds from your retention budget) to reward your employees in some way, be it an all-company party, trip, a monetary bonus (“Get some green for going green”) or maybe give all your employees the day off on Earth Day?

Nice little retention piece, no? All the while doing what we should all be doing.