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…A tool for ad agency folks that could provide realtime, automated applicant tracking metrics from all the ATS vendors their clients use in one condensed web-based dashboard? I think it’d be really useful.

As I mentioned in a previous entry, Champ Camp really hammered home the importance of measurement and determining what key metrics are important to our clients. The problem is, if my clients don’t use Hodes IQ, that information isn’t readily available to me – I have to request it from my clients. So the solution is to either to get all my clients on Hodes IQ, or continue to bug my clients for the data.

It’d be pretty sweet to be able to tout a product like this in a new business pitch too – as a concrete example of how we as an agency proactively assess and adjust our strategies based on that data we’re constantly monitoring.

I don’t know…just thinking out loud.



  1. i think this is a great idea. we need more great ideas like this!!!


  2. Great Idea! You should approach others with this idea…would be awesome for us to have.

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