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MICHAEL DRAYER, Director, Client Service
Bernard HODES Group

I bring nearly a decade of advertising and marketing experience to Bernard HODES Group, with a long-standing commitment to my field. My early interest took root when I quickly decided I hated political science in college and wasn’t going to be a pre law major. I assessed which majors I could declare that required the least amount of poly sci, philosophy and math courses. So I took an intro to advertising course the second semester of my freshman year and was immediately hooked. Later on, I completed marketing internships for large corporations on the East Coast: at Travelers Citigroup and The Hartford. My professional career began as a Junior Broadcast Negotiator at DDB Worldwide Communications Group, contributing to large-scale broadcast media buys for clients such as McDonald’s, Qwest, Wells Fargo, and Johnson & Johnson. From there, accepted a position at Liberty Media where I developed a diversity media background creating and implementing comprehensive multicultural marketing initiatives for International Channel Networks and its diverse range of advertising clients. My experience in employment communications started with JWT Specialized Communications, where my primary function was managing the Providence Health System in Alaska, Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center, and Weyerhaeuser accounts. I also served as the primary point person for all AT&T Wireless recruiters in the U.S. Something I was very proud of was while working on the AT&T Wireless account, my team received a near-perfect client satisfaction percentage with regard to its ad placement, and, as a result, I was nominated by AT&T Wireless for JWTSC’s Gayla Black “Extra Mile Award.” I have a passion in building positive client relationships, applying my extensive account management experience, and ultimately creating solutions that have measurable, proven results.

In 2000, I graduated with honors from the Edward R. Murrow School of Communication at Washington State University and hold a B.A. in Communication with emphasis in Advertising. In my spare time, I enjoy playing right field for the PSSBL Astros, teaching my one-year-old Nephew how to flex his muscles, and listening to Radiohead.


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